Friday, June 19, 2009

This Might Make You Smile.

The strangest of things happen to me sometimes. A South Park episode got me wondering why I recognized a certain jingle. Which sent me on a treasure hunt through God Google's territory. And THIS is where it landed me.

Owl Jolson. Dating back to the year 1936.
And I duly hummed the whole thing at least a hundred times while attempting an end-term Operating Systems exam. I can be quite tiresome sometimes. Don't know if the invigilator noticed. I look pretty creepy to begin with, so I never know what to attribute the odd stares to.

Anyhow, this made me realize how much changes with time. Even cartoons back then had more to them than they do today. There was a certain quality to them. Now all my little kid cousins watch is that Japanese manga and naruto stuff. Apparently, it's all the rage. That is, of course, when they manage to drag them themselves away from their PSPs.

Oh, how aged and decrepit I sound.

However, as far as cartoons are concerned, some things do stay forever.
* The older ones watched it on those anachronous video cassettes. I watched on TV. The young 'uns now get it on DVD. Yes, Tom and Jerry.

By the way, if anyone remembers the Owl Jolson jingle, do leave a trail of words behind you.

* As was pointed out by Mindfreak many, many years ago through the course of a fairly non-descript conversation.


Mer-curial-maiden said...

I posted this on Facebook recently? :) Adore this song. It plays on your mind all day long.

My favourite part of the entire video was the "Drink to me only with thine eyes" bit that he sings in that surly voice of his :)

Anty said...

Owl Jonson, the maestro of my younger years. I do miss him.

And then I miss daffy duck spitting, the fairys dancing and everything the old days had to offer.

Anty said...


Us decrepit people misspell things now and then.

My Evil Self said...

@ Mer-curial-maiden : You did? I must have skipped this one. And I couldn't agree more on the "plays on your mind" part..!

@Anty : A maestro.. :) why not? heh..
I also miss that little boy genius with the excessively annoying sister called Dee-Dee.. Which reminds me, aren't the hindi dubbed versions hilarious? not always in a good way...

param said...

I remember too

My Evil Self said...

Of course. A photographic memory at work. :)

Good to see you here..

Anty said...

Dexter.. He still makes some appearances now and then on Cartoon Network.. They are, especially when they try to add regional accents and dialects to the American kids.

My Evil Self said...

Oh yes! Tamil versions are exceptionally amusing.. But then, so are Tamil movies, in general.

I often tune into one just for the "aesthetically" choreographed dance sequences. :) If there was ever a cure for a bad mood..