Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Fire-Eaters.

Night Safari, Singapore
March 2010

Pictures from Singapore.

Merlion Park, Singapore

Under the Bridge, Marina Bay

 Songs of the Sea, Sentosa Island

Singapore Flyer - Worm's Eye View


Sunday, March 21, 2010


i am writing this because i am suddenly craving for ennui. the kind of unsettling gut-wrench that comes with being completely wasted and having enough time and almost enough void to fill several parallel universes with. and then some. last night was the fifth in a row when i passed out fully dressed and woke up raccoon-eyed courtesy the kohl i've been too tired(disinterested) to wipe off. and then i question the need of slipping out and into something else, with some water in between that can't wash away, what i don't have to wash away, what i don't want to wash away and what i will not wash away. from the mind, the body, and that layer of fluid harmony that binds the two, once in an odd while... but the craving soon transforms into the one you wake up with after a night of having too vivid a dream. and then you see that reality finds itself misplaced in this splendidly skewed order of things. waking up from one dream into the next, halfway between the wistful and the endless, and a unfaltering disbelief in limits of any kind and sort.

pandora's box, or actuality down the rabbit hole... a spinning whorl of wants and haves and cans and coulds. no ifs, no maybes, no perhaps, and none of the gargantuan words that require too much space and way too much distance. sand, with no hourglass to hold it. lanes, with too many twists and not enough bends. night, and glowing wisps of smoke. and trains... waited for, and then not caught, with a heartbeat trapped in a second. or two.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Life Plan in Jest: Part 1

One day, I will be the proud owner of a staggeringly humongous canine. I'm talking Irish Wolf Hounds and Pitbulls here. A FEROCIOUS, mean, fear-inspiring beast. And I will name it something like Fluffy, or Snowflake, or Honey-puff pooch-muffin.


I have a decidedly cooky sense of humor. Also, I pull mean jokes on people.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You know you need to study when...

Further Reflections on Parsley.

Is gharsley.

            -Ogden Nash

Call me crazy, but I have found a disproportionate number of reasons to worship the man.


1. I'm back from a tour of Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Yes, it was awesome

2. There's just too much about the whole affair to put together and make a coherent narrative out of, so I'll just let it sort itself out for now. In the curious little place that is my brain.

3. There are deadlines. Too many, racing each other, stepping on each others toes to beat the last to the punch. 

4. I need to study. It seems an alien concept at the moment. It's becoming a matter of necessity now. And this is very high up on the list of things one would never expect to hear me say. 

5. I'm absolutely certain that where I stand right now, is one of the best times and places to exist in. It's the kind of euphoria, the existence of which defies your imagination. My life has turned around completely. Everyday is something to look forward to. I'm still awestruck. I just gape in wonder.