Saturday, June 13, 2009

Someday. Today.

Somewhere over the rainbow, we will find things undreamt of.
Someday we will wake up to find the sky a little bluer, the leaves a little greener. Because things are not always how they seem to be. And because change happens. It happens to life, sometimes like spring happens to a garden still trapped in winterlude slumber. Someday, we won't watch the rain with our noses pressed wistfully against the window pane. We will remember how it felt to get soaked in it, and we will step out to walk barefoot in the streets.

Someday we will open our eyes, and be awestruck by the beauty of things we created and lived with, but never really noticed. Someday we'll learn to dance our woes away. Because we've all created tiny little worlds around ourselves, where everything is possible, and where very little separates will and intent. A few miles down this road, we'll see a tiny little leaf growing out from a crack on the pavement, and we will smile. Because hope can be done without, only when an insipid existence is part of the deal.

Someday, we will set out on a journey, carrying nothing along. Because there will be so much to collect along the way, and baggage is such an unnecessary botheration. We will learn to let go of it. We won't know where to go. All we would know is that there is as much ahead as that which we are leaving behind, if not more.

Someday, we'll learn to discover things, and not merely observe them. Someday, we'll stop running. We'll stop rushing through life and learn to experience it instead. We will stop to admire the view, because someday we will find enough reasons to do so. Someday, we'll stop telling ourselves that someday is just around the corner. And that is when justice will be done to years and decades of todays.

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