Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Pictures, As Promised.

The Beach 1 : Harihareshwar.
Pretty, ain't it? :)

The Beach 2 :
Words cannot describe how much fun I had navigating through those rocks.

The OTHER Beach : Diveagar

Footprints in the sand.

And the foot that caused them. ;)

The Gulmohar.

What a tropical forest looks like, up close and personal.

The way to the beach.

Canopy. Of banana trees.

Somewhere, near some lake, near some dam, where they had jack fruits growing all over the place.

On the way. Taken through the window of a moving car.

Also taken on the way.

Yep. This too.

Because no trip is complete without the local cuisine.

My uncle's place. You've got to love the greens.

Perspective. At Pink City.

The Little Kitten in the window. :)

The nest of a baya weaver. Fascinating stuff.

The baya is like a wild sparrow but yellow. It is extremely intelligent, obedient and docile. It will take small coins from the hand and bring them to its master, and will come to a call from a long distance. Its nests are so ingeniously constructed as to defy the rivalry of clever artificers.

Āīn (trans. Jarrett), iii. 122. (ca. 1590) quoted in the Hobson Jobson


Mer-curial-maiden said...

Moving car tree shot - favourite. :) One hell of a trip, eh?

My Evil Self said...

To finally settle down and not go overboard with it, it was rather pleasant. heh..

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Uff, self-restraint is too overrated!

My Evil Self said...

Actually, I think the chirpiness has run its due course. I'm ready to stop being an insult to my blogger ID. :)