Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Au Revoir...

Off to Pune.

The city I've grown to love, for a number of reasons that I will rant endlessly about when I get back. Try and stop me! Yeah.. try.

7 days of the shop-eat-shop-drop-shopsomemore routine.

This will also serve as an experiment. I'm about to find out what effects one week of abstinence from the internet will have on my psychosomatic state-of-being.

The chirpy little cuckoo continues to tap-dance in my head.

And to conclude... Ciao Folks!


Mer-curial-maiden said...

yay! have a blast!

weevil girl said...

what why pune im moving to pune oh nahi

My Evil Self said...

@ Mer-curial-maiden : I did. :)

@ weevil girl : You'll find my answer in the latest post. I read that you'll be joining Symbiosis. Trust me, it is always amazing to step out of the box you grew up in. If anything, you will get to see and experience so much more. :) Congratulations.

weevil girl said...

i've grown in seven different boxes in seven different cities watte

ohwell. you write so well.

weevil girl said...

grown up*

My Evil Self said...

Haha! In that case, makes sense to add one more to the list, doesn't it?

As I keep repeating to all those who might care to hear, I envy the life of an urban gypsy.

Flattered to know that you think so. And I really am waiting intently for your next poem.