Friday, April 10, 2009

Well? This Is The S#!t! .. ahem.

I logged into Orkut today, after what seems like eternity, to find myself being the member of communities dedicated to :
1. Kareena Kapoor. (The sub-anorexic Indian actress, also lovingly referred to as Bebo.)
2. /#StYlIsH PeOpLe$/(Note the curiously annoying jumble of case, only so characteristic of a suburban specie popularly known as THE EMO. I REFUSE to consider it a sub-culture. Acknowledging such an extent of human depravity is tantamount to giving up ALL hope. I fear greatly for them homo sapiens. I do.)
3. Some South-Indian actor with a thoroughly unpronounceable name, and an avant-garde moustache to his credit, et al. Oh wait.. I checked. He's called NBK-Yuvarathna Balakrishna.
NBK could stand for a lot of things.

I try to resist, but I *have* to include the community description, for universal enlightenment, if nothing else. As Mr. NBK himself would say, in a heavy, coconut oil-tinged accent, "Yeee-ennjoy!" :
"иαиdαмυяi Bαlαkяiรниα, ρσρυlαяly kиσwи αร 'Bαlαyyα' iร тнє σиє รтσρ ємbσdiмєит σf αcтiиg vєяรαтiliтy iи тєlυgυ ciиємα. αи αcтσя wнσ cαи ρσятяαy αиy яσlє fяσм мαรร тσ мyтнσlσgy wiтн υтмσรт єαรє, нiร мσviє cαяєєя รραиร 30 yєαяร αиd iร иσтнiиg รнσят σf ρнєиσмєиαl αиd αwє-iиรρiяiиg
★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Manabalayya Discussion Board Lanuched "

I too have "lanuched" into confusion. I am left to wonder how this happened.

Did someone go through the trouble of hacking my account, which happens to have an "unguessable" password, only to subscribe to these communities? Was his intention to tarnish the cyber-reputation of an already infamous and unpopular social networking-taciturn?

Or, on a different track, could it be that the owners of communities such as "Aristotle's Metaphysics", "Let there be rock", and "Analytic Philosophy" realized how immaterial their pursuits were, and decided
to muse about Kareena Kapoor's weight abnormalities and amorous liaisons as more fulfilling fields of study?

Or maybe it's the Jekyll and Hyde syndrome. Maybe the other half of my split personality surfaces at some time of the day when I think I'm asleep. Morbid, deathly misanthrope by day, and emo, celeb-obsessed, lover of Telegu cinema by night? The very thought scares me. Beyond reason, even though they are sufficient.

You have got to love the intricacies of social networking. Orkut is a piece of work, really.

I will stop now. I have an exam. And I do not remember the name of the book I am supposed to have memorized verbatim, by 12 noon tomorrow.


nikita said...

hahhaaahehehe.. LMAO! at d descriptions of d weird communities. I'm sure Orkut gave u some really 'memorable' moments :P ..u shud be thankful to it dear ;D

& i think this happens when u click on d link in those scraps which get forwarded to your whole friends list (hope u got it) ;)

My Evil Self said...

Don't know about memorable, but it sure gave me loads to smirk at. :)