Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Of Pre-endings and Marathon Runs.

Oh how badly I crave for a decent 7-hour sleep.
An existence NOT ridden with multiple project files, never-ending assignments, presentations, practicals, examinations and so on.
Yep, it's the end-of-semester marathon run. And the work just NEVER ends! No matter how many barrels of midnight oil you've diligently converted to noxious fumes, which you are now choking on. The contact lenses freezing into shells isn't helping my myopic eyes either. Speaking of myopia, I still believe mine is entirely literal, not figurative. Yep, I do.
Also, I have decided that my idea of utopia, is a day sans alarm clocks.

This Friday, I will be facing the aforementioned Stalin-prototype for the last time. It will not be a tearful parting of ways. I have reasons to believe it would not involve any heart-to-hearts, girl-gabbing or bear-hugs. This is war, and I am short on ammunition. That can usually be made up for with pluck, but pluck does not help much when war occurs in the guise of a viva voce. Algorithm Design be damned. Though either way, both of us will be amply rewarded by each others absence. Soon.

In other news, women in Delhi have decided that the ultimate trend for Spring '09, is to venture out in boxer-shorts. Striped, cotton boxer-shorts. I understand that fashion is not for all. I know that I will never understand it, or care enough to try. But rarely can I resist a dig at the farcical fash-frat(Henceforth, FFF) that amuses/irritates me like nothing else in the whole wide world(WWW?). Expect a follow-up post about your average not-so-friendly neighbourhood human plastic specimen. Soon.

Finally, a long-awaited holiday is on the cards. I hear Phuket will be off-season soon. Lakshadweep seems attractive enough. Sun, sand and surf(SSS? Alright. I'll cut it out now ;) is all I can wish for at the moment. I fantasize about lying on a beach for days at end, with an odd strawberry margarita and a bit of Stephen Chbosky, all for good measure.(That being one of the ONLY two things that will keep me going through this month-and-a-half of sleep deprivation and torture.) I might write about the other. Soon.

As I type this, The Smiths are playing How Soon Is Now in the background. I shit you not.


Doubletake, Doublethink. said...

The Smiths are teh shit :)

anty_anand said...

Fashion is for all those who have long decided to give up sanity for designer labels.

My Evil Self said...

@ Doubletake, Doublethink : Yes, they are! Glad dropped by.. I would offer tea and biscuits, but I guess cyberspace does have its limitations. :)

@ anty_anand : I think I'll have to analyze the trend, maybe study the specie in its natural habitat with a spycam. :-/ Nat Geo can expect a new feature..