Thursday, April 23, 2009

To Err.. may not necessarily be human.

"Swatting flies" is the vocation of the bored.
"Swatting butterflies" would make one cruel. And "disturbed", a la Norman Bates.

Er... I would really like a giant fuchsia fly-swatter, right about now. For neither of the above. What does that make me?

Er.. x 2 Relativity applies to much more than I thought. Bittersweet, unfortunate circumstance.

Er.. x 3 The Universe is way too vast and way too disquieting a place. And the bigger picture, more often than not, can be quite petrifying.


weevil girl said...

now THAT is a brilliant header image.wherefrom? (yes sorry, i havnt been checkingblogsatallthesedays :S )

My Evil Self said...

Credits go to the various websites that provide for some gorgeous wallpaper downloads. :)