Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bowled Over!

The Date : April 13, 2009.
The Occasion : Friend's Birthday.
The Place : Blu-o , Ambience - Gurgaon.

Went bowling. For the very first time.
A perfect strike, followed by gutters.
What did I say about extremes? Though I did manage to feel quite like Fred Flintstone. Minus the being-good-at-it part, that is.

Blu-o amazed me, in a number of ways. Possibly one of the best decors and ambiance I have seen anywhere, let alone bowling alleys. Add in the glitzy seating sections, mood lighting and chic bar, and we have a winner. I would give it an 8.5/10. Suddenly, NCR doesn't seem all that dull after all! And I would advise everyone to make a bee-line for it before it turns into a cliche.

And I learnt that no matter how high-end a place you are in, if you're in India, you can and will be stalked. In all these years, I may have managed to execute rather innovative(often hilarious) ways to deal with the stalkers, I have never devised a universally applicable strategy. Much like the common cold. I hear vaccines are effective these days. That makes me smile my strange smile. Reminds me how fascinated (somewhat obsessed) I was with the mere idea of creating cyanide in my school chemistry lab. I'm not sure if that should be troubling.

Also, Delhi is getting to be a tough place to navigate in. Especially if the guy in the driver's seat is distracted by his girlfriend. Err.. make that "a call from his girlfriend". *smirk* .Growing up may have its perks, but living with an 8 P.M. curfew can be tough. Especially if you reside in the golden city of traffic jams. More about the traffic jams someday later. Someday soon.

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