Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine Concoction.

Ingredients :
1 ripe super-stinky durian
2 tablespoons rancid cod liver oil
3 beheaded male mantises
1 lizard's tail
200 ml. of H2SO4
2 teaspoons wormwood
*A precision-shot Magnum 5.0 for good measure

Throw first 6 ingredients into boiling cauldron and curse, in the choicest of expletives, the idiot who prayed for his jailer's daughter and the Hallmark dudes who dished out this commercialized, gag-worthy, ribbon-laced nonsense.

Go out. Wield THE Magnum and shoot every loathsome display of inanity.
Death to cupid, all things pink/red/mushy, the retardedly emo lovesongs and fascist shiv/ram sena monkeys.


Mer-curial-maiden said...

Hahhahahaha. :P Well they got pink chaddis, at any rate.

deluded said...


Hail hitler.

well, the good thing is, that there will no longer be a shortage of clean underwear for them.

My Evil Self said...

Ahh yes... Pink chaddis and credit for inadvertently bringing about India's very own "bra-burning" feminist movement.

Cheers! *with an apple martini*

Srishti said...

This sounds VERY, VERY cool.
Lets try it! :)