Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night, I dreamt that the world was ending.

And believe me when I say, words cannot describe how beautiful it was. There were fireworks in the sky, and things erupting into light, sound, fire and ice. Only, you couldn't tell what was which, or whether it made any difference at all. It was beautiful.

People, for those few moments, became exactly like themselves, and not what they had become. Everything was settled. Everyone was real. Because all the doubts, fears and things they had traded their lives out to, didn't matter anymore. I looked around and saw that no one, absolutely no one was scared, or sad. It shocked me, though it shouldn't have. I now see how perfectly natural it would be.

I reveled. Till a creeping horror sunk in. And suddenly, I was desperate to speak. To say all of the things I never did, to all of the people who would now probably never know. I looked around helplessly.. for people, or a cellphone at least. Anything. I had so much to say. And I didn't have the time.

I woke up at 2 P.M., to the sun shining at me through a dusty window. And the sound of raucous crows. I scouted around blindly for my phone, and saw 7 missed calls, which I wouldn't have answered anyway.
Irony bites.

Afternote: This was right after I got done with my exams, watched Dev D, sauntered home at a marginally unacceptable hour. Called A to say to him that I never have any meaningful dreams. And promptly proceeded to pass out in my "coffee-induced" drunkenness.
Irony bites again.

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