Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Joy to the world!

All of my world-weariness, jadedness, and other forms of general cynicism aside, eating condensed milk straight out of the tin is one of the few perfect pleasures left in life.

Pardon the title of the post. But I knew it. This being-happy-with-a-vengeance business is making me not just STRANGER, but CREEPIER. And I'm in one of those moods. So THIS is what I give to you :

This, right here, is the reason why my driving tutor quit his job and moved to a remote village. It is also the reason why the rickshaw-wallas in my locality shudder and go poof at sight. And what gave my mom diarrhea, the first and only time she sat in a car I was driving.
I'm drowning myself in The Cardigans, The Cranberries and Garbage. And they go wonderfully with condensed milk.


JD said...

Stupid, stupid blocked-flash-based-sites in campus. Wish I could see it :|

soin said...

if i ever become a minister ,i would fire all my envoy,eat up most of the money and just ask you to drive as my protection.if you do drive like that.
and i had the pleasure of being in a totally unsafe vehicle at 140,braking on spot and doing a perfect 180.a bit high i should add.
and condensed milk.totally agree.everytime i cut my finger trying to lick off the last drop.bludy should come in a jam jar.


madhur said...

wow!i have been waiting to see something of this sort for a long time. this refreshes and maculates the effigy of tarantino in my mind. it completely justifies the approximation of being-crazy-for-a-reason, i admire wholeheartedly.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@JD: That's just sad! Surely there must be some way of working around it. There's always a chink in the armor somewhere.

When you do get the chance, do check this one out. It's worth it.

@soin: I executed pretty impressive maneuvers as a learner. One that I remember in particular involved a mini-bus and a van closing in on a tiny lane that I was headed for. I floored the accelerator, shimmied through them missing both by inches. That was a mission impossible moment right there, and I got scolded for it. Duh.

And what you're talking about is called "the drift", right? Yeah, I happened to witness one from the passenger's seat once, in a more reckless time and age. I feel old now.

Also, Amul packs theirs in ones with plastic lids now. :P Feed your gluttony!

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Madhur: Glad to have brought it to you. It is pretty awesome, I admit. I'm a fan.

soin said...

no no no.drift is just drifting.this is like you literally break on spot.from 140.and convert that force to torque and turn around 180 degrees.
and i was teaching my sis to drive.i said brake,she accelerated.on a main road.sort of lost control and hit an old lady.lady fell down.we fucked.crowd gathered.someone from the car parked there came out and gave my sis a tight hard slap.everyone dispersed.after coming home my dad had to buy chocolate for slapping her.

Sherry Wasandi said...

What you describe really is referred to as "the drift" in my circles.

And the rest of the story must have brought a whole lot of drama. Phew. All I've managed is to catapult rickshaws 4 feet above the ground. Thankfully, empty ones.