Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amusing Pop Culture Moment of the Month #2.

The fine young women who chose to post the color of their underwear as Facebook status messages, thereby confusing the other half of the world enough to elicit a substantial dent in Googleland. All for a cause, dearies, all for a cause. Spreading awareness about breast cancer was the exact idea inextricably weaved in the cause&effect / intent&result. Sure. This innocent bystander has been amused greatly by the ensuing comments and resulting claims of righteous indignation in emospeak, right under "leopard-print" and the likes.

On the day the word poppycock was redefined, we stood on and watched. In fact, all out of brimming and overflowing respect, a label has now been dedicated to it on this blog.

I feel that the internet explosion has changed the way the world functions, and the intricacies of changing social dynamics are far from being sorted out. Truth be told, I come across jarring instances of the same every other day. From every random pimply creep with a shirtless picture of John Abraham on the orkut homepage(now Facebook too), over-zealous half-acquaintances who pretend to be my new BFFs by the power vested in them by Mark Zuckerberg, the many times that I have introduced myself to a complete stranger only to find out that not only do they know who I am, they also know what music I listen to and where I was on Saturday night, to the fact that I never knew my neighbor of 7 years before she sent me an add request. But what really makes me spell M-U-R-D-E-R is the aforementioned emospeak, which has transcended the internet. eVRyTYm i wk up 2 c n sms tht reedz lyk ds im lyk sooooo pisd, i wnna pt a nyfe thru smthin! lyk, uknw wht i mean?!!! lyk criously!!! "lyk" deserves the most painful death possible. Ripped apart, limb by limb, in slow degrees.And then this one person says to me that my use of the language is "uncool". Stupid is the new cool. Yo! Excuse me while I asphyxiate on fluffy pink cotton candy.


Srishti said...

Truthfully, I have NO idea how 'statusing' the color helped spreading breast cancer awareness in ANY way. But it did expose the true nature of the XY chromosome.

Totally. I've chucked those 'Rahuls' and 'Street Screechees' and 'I wanna make fraaandship with you' and 'no formaaaalty in fraaandship yaaar' right off my list. Also, a month or two ago, we had this workshop in school, Safe Surfing in which this government employed hacker who used his powers for good and all, told us all about net safety. He told us about this case where this girl, who had albums and albums full of her photos with her BMW's and LCD's and her teddy bear Kozo and all. So one day, her status was, "Dad and mom gone to London for 3 days, alone in house, going to CP to catch up with friends in Barista! Yayyy!!"
And she had around 800 friends.
She was INVITING trouble or what?
She got kidnapped that day.

And 'like' has become the Chant of the Decade. And I'm one of the Chanters. But don't blame me, I've got people 'liking' everything online and otherwise. :D

Sherry Wasandi said...

True. Very true. I was amused and annoyed in equal parts. :)

As for the random fraandshippers, there was a time when I made a hobby out of taking their case on orkut. Happier times, those were. That was when I realized exactly how sarcasm and the ability to perceive it may be touted as a sign of intellectual superiority.

And for the cyber-stalker scenario, I could name quite a few people who do the exact same thing. Which is why I make it a point to never add people who I don't know personally. Fellow bloggers being the only exception. :)

I'm paranoid. The fact that this blog gets a significant number of hits through a google search of my name, is enough to freak me out a little.

Like is acceptable is tiny doses. As "like" in conversation and marginally as the facebook button. Atleast you're not afflicted with the "lyk" disease!

Misanthropist said...

I laughed my ass off!!!

the funniest i read was "black with a dash of pink" like it was some refreshment!!!

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Misanthropist: Ha! It was, wasn't it?