Sunday, January 18, 2009

The a sad bedtime companion.

Don't get me wrong. I, most definitely, am ludicrously dependent on the world wide web for my day-to-day functioning. (This may be detoured into a discussion about how I Google-d and Wikipedia-ed my way into "being smart", or at least becoming capable of "pwning" a fair number of smart people, hence earning the very coveted title of a *pompous know-it-all smart-ass with a god complex*. But instinct tells me to save it for a more pronounced wave of sadism, to do justice to it.)
But here I am, at 1 A.M. on the 18th day of 2009, with nothing more than half a packet of chips, a half-knit scarf and a fully-hated book of Advanced Engineering Mathematics to make my night more interesting. And if that sounds bleak, just wait for what's coming next.

After about 10 minutes of clicking, surfing, wincing and reiterating about a dozen times, I land up at something called "Blogthings", and here's what it treats me to :

What does your height say about you?
*Eh... That I'm tall?

What kind of Pancakes are you?
*Apparently, I'm Chocolate Chip.

What circus act should you perform?
*I should walk on stilts.

Do you use the internet like a man or a woman?
*Seriously? !!! Why exactly would I answer 10 questions to be told whether I surf porn or spy on people?
Note: That makes me wonder if the permutations and combinations of the two could be a field of research. Anyhow.....

This goes on to make a painfully long list.

Note to self : Get a life. Hmmmph!


MINDfreak said...

*pompous know-it-all smart-ass with a god complex* REALLY? I thought "Arrogant" was still a word in the dictionary!

My Evil Self said...

I was once told that the pen is mightier than the sword. I like to load up on a lot of ammunition, while I'm at it!

Besides, I find the English language to be extremely crippled and insufficient at times when it comes to superlative terms. *grins*

MINDfreak said...

"Whosoever said that the pen was mightier than the sword forgot that the finger is mightier than the pen." (Abhishek Dhingra, 2008)

I've realised we must preserve the energy wherever possible. Why talk when you can raise a finger? :)

My Evil Self said...

"The finger" lacks multifarious modes of application. :)

I fail to see art in "the finger".
Words definitely suit my purpose better.