Sunday, January 25, 2009

Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole.

Does it make sense to have faith? When time and time again, life conspires to smack you right where it hurts most.

Promises are made to be broken. It's compromises that last a lifetime.

The years turn us cynical.. and as soon as we start to see the futility of hope, we teach ourselves to do without it. We turn ourselves into cold, insentient robots and learn to live without expectations.
We do every damn thing possible to avoid disappointment, even if it means always expecting the very worst from people and circumstances. We shut ourselves off from the world. But when faced with a yearning strong enough, we begin to question ourselves. We begin to question our view of the world.. and we realize that even if we abstain from expecting, we cannot strangulate our hopes.

Hope. The second of the fatal four-letter words. Against all reason, against all odds and against all rationale.. we hope. We throw caution to the winds, take the plunge, and put ourselves out there again. Hoping.. that we were wrong. And wishing, for things to fall into place.
Such is the sheer stupidity of optimism.


MINDfreak said...

The MINDfreak says that he could have sworn he wrote this blog, alas, thy evil self was smart enough to plagiarize thyself.

Plain and simple, echo every word and emotion expressed alike [except the reference to convenience and rationality, on which I sure intend to light a few bulbs and yell].

Maybe it indeed is high time to give up hibernation. Thank you for the reminder.

My Evil Self said...

That makes me grin from ear to ear.. and beyond!

I expect a laser show, and no less!Would love for you to throw in some fire-crackers for effect.

You're bound to get tired of living like polar bear eventually. Been waiting intently for it..!