Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bad poetry - Volume 1.


Me and my boots, went out walking today,
We talked and we walked, along old ways.
The further we went, the closer we got,
To that old tree, around that old block.

Miles we went, and the miles went by,
To go on forever, I wanted to try.
The wind was cold, the sun was warm,
That old bent road, had its charm.

It led to that place, that old old house,
Where the old old lady, fed her old white mouse.
I walked past the park, where I used to play,
With friends I knew once... but not today.

I walked along that lake, where the water is always blue,
Where I sat for hours, when worries were few.
The birds that knew me, I saw ahead,
The ones I used to read to, but they always fled.

That same old place, with the same old tree,
That same old lake, and that same old me.
Yet something was different, something was new,
And I looked at my boots..I wish they knew.


Mer-curial-maiden said...

A whole new side to ma cherie :)

My Evil Self said...

Ahh yes... I find new, previously unused parts of myself every now and then. :)