Saturday, December 4, 2010

What You Want / What You Need

Assuming that they're two different things, you can have both. Just not at the same time.Though that's usually beside the point, isn't it? 

The gradual depersonalization of this blog has been on for quite some time. Not because I have writer's block, or thinker's block, or any other unimpressive spin I could put on it, but because things changed. Things changed, circumstances changed, and most importantly, I changed. Life pulled Le Olde Switcheroo on me, and it takes time to get a strong foothold back. Reinvention and transmogrification come to signify my checkpoints in life. This year has marked a very pivotal one, and I am glad for that fact. But I'm not the same person I used to be. I'm not the person who started this blog, and have decided not to be the one to finish it. So this is me, back to doing what I love most, in the way that I can do it best. 

A farewell to those who have left, and smile and nod of appreciation to those who have stayed, and a warm welcome to those who are new.


soin said...

cha this is the best drama you can come with up?

Priyanka Suresh Mehta said...

Sherry Sherry
You have changed and you haven't.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@soin: No. I can do more. Way more.
I intend to.

@Priyanka: *hugs back* !

Priyanka Suresh Mehta said...

The template!
Let it remain there for a bit, if I can take the liberty to suggest :)

Antara said...

Maybe you've changed but everything you say still rings true. Don't change that bit.


I'll be here more often now.

Tangled up in blue... said...

I miss the autumnal theme but somehow the wild splash of colour fits. And change is a good thing, or rather it isnt always a bad thing. I've always admired your clarity of thought and I still do. And any change in tone from personal to impersonal doesnt change for me the fact that you're acutely perceptive becoz that always comes across on here. Which makes it very addictive to read. :)

Niti said...

Needs. Wants. Desires.

I guess I read them first in Economics and have listed my urges under these heads for long now. Technically they are mutually exclusive; but who is to say? :)

And considering change is the only constant, whether you embrace it or resist it, I hope it is at least convenient.

Miss the old theme though. It had a sort of mysterious spell binding capability. But then this one's got colours! :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Priyanka: Ahh! I let the black one stay for way too long. Long enough for me to miss it now. Crap. goes my approach to all things I value considerably. ;)

@Antara: Thank you. For both things. Particularly, the link.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Tangled up in blue: I wish I could come up with a response that adequately expresses my gratitude for the very encouraging words I always get from you. I try, believe me. :)

@Niti: To me, convenience is a secondary(or tertiary concern). My life is so trite, all I seek from it excitement. And then some more.

As a side-note, I remember the last thing you posted on your last blog before deleting it. If I could manage to pursue half as many fields of study, schools of art, and areas of interest as you, I would consider my life to be fulfilled.

I think I'll keep changing the layout every few days. I'm just trying things on to find the perfect fit. :)

Just Me said...

Had I stumbled upon this post just couple of days back I would have simply linked it to mine. Would have saved me the trouble of typing an entire post.

Yes, things change and right now I couldn't be more glad that they do.

P.S: So found the perfect lay out, or the blog is still under renovation?