Friday, April 2, 2010


More from Singapore.
Underwater World - Sentosa

Note: I touched a Sting-ray! And I was inappropriately happy about it.

Notice the expression? Yes. That one. That is the exact look my 5th grade maths teacher wore on her face. Only, evil-er. Exponentially evil-er. Why, she even used blue eyeliner! No wonder I've always hated maths.

An upside-down jellyfish. One of the prettier things I've seen in life.

The Weedy-Seadragon
Where it gets hard to tell what's what. 


Anushka said...

Oh fuck. These are INSANELY cool. But how, how, HOW did you touch a sting-ray?

Anty said...

There is no inappropriate happy about being able to touch a sting ray. It's the coolest thing ever.

deekkyy said...

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Kirra Serra said...

Okay, help me spot the seadragon.

mgeek said...

"I touched a Sting-ray! And I was inappropriately happy about it."

Steve Irwin would say that you were inappropriately Lucky

Arzaletta said...


Sherry Wasandi said...

@Anushka: Thanks.

Step 1: Identify Sting-Ray.
Step 2: Dunk right/left hand into water, depending on which you trust more for dexterity OR which you'll feel less badly about losing.
Step 3: Place hand on Sting-Ray, taking care to avoid being inappropriate, lest the thing mind it too much.
Step 4: Note the overwhelming sliminess of the experience.

@Anty: Oh yeah! It IS cool.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Kirra Serra: IT's the bright yellow in the center. Between the reddish weeds and of about the same size as them.

You can see a bony, elongated seahorse-like head towards the left.

@mgeek: I was thinking about Irwin the whole time, actually.

@Arzaletta: Yep!

mgeek said...