Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My EXCITEMENT knows no bounds!

India WON the KABADDI WORLD CUP!!! Woohooh! Streamers and party-horns and celebrations galore! TAKE THAT, IPL! And all of those people who have been flooding my Facebook homepage with regular, instantaneous updates about every single occurrence on and off the crease: IN YOUR FACE! Haha! 

Fact times three:
1. My heartiest congratulations to Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik on their blessed holy wedlock. You two deserve every bit of having to spend the rest of your lives chained to each other.
2. My obsession with Kat Von D is getting waaaaay out of hand. I need help. Pronto. 
3. A WiFi-enabled home should henceforth be counted as one of the few simple pleasures in life. Also, Airtel IPTV is working very well towards eliminating my long-standing hatred for what the world calls "Television". Which goes to say, that it's turning me into a hopeless invalid who streams TLC and the History Channel all day.  

 This would be the first time in recorded history when I've punctuated a sentence with three exclamation marks, and threw in a few more on top.Darn it! I knew I should have saved some firecrackers from Diwali.


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Sugar Magnolia said...

W00T! I was almost as excited about Mary Kom winning the amateur boxing gold for the 4th time. :D

City Livin' said...

Your not alone I love Kat Von D also!

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Peace and love