Saturday, February 20, 2010

There comes a time...

...when life takes on a color you've never tasted. So complex, that it leaves you in awe. So perfect, that you can't believe your eyes. So complete, that it fills up a void, the vastness of which you had never even come close to estimating. All the bitterness of years and ages fades away, leaving not even a reminder of itself behind. Evaporates into thin air. That is when you know exactly what Neruda meant when he spoke of what spring does to cherry trees.

It's overwhelming. In ways beyond anything that the mind can comprehend. Beyond anything that can be approximated in the most delicate of words. Beyond time, beyond space, beyond all that is real and all that is not. It's not just a moment. Because time simply decides to halt, sometimes. Because a thousand wishes choose to come together and culminate in a magnum opus. Symphonies and chords that the world seems to dance to. It's sheer thrill. It's exhilaration. It's breathlessness. It's beauty itself. 

Because sometimes, when you really want something... the universe really does conspire to give it to you. 
And this, indeed, is euphoria.