Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cast ye bottle into the sea.

Oh, dear world of borrowed opinions... I have lost my patience for you. Imaginations made of colourful paper-cutouts and convictions straight out of the late-night special. I'm done. I quit. I shall no longer try to rationalize with you. Ridicule be the new policy of choice.

To re-quote the guy my lecturer for Organizational Behavior likes to quote-"Never argue with an idiot, for they bring you down to their level and then beat you with experience." Right.


Sugar Magnolia said...

I am blogging vicariously through you.

Should've told you before making myself cozy in your brain, but oh well.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Cheers to the best comment ever made on this blog.


P.S. I can just see us doing this over cosmopolitans someday. Or single malt whiskey... depending on the time frame. :)

Niti said...

I love that quote and try very hard to adhere to it.. though I must add.. it is difficult.

It is difficult to see people not understand what I do, and difficult to not say what I think... knowing very well I wouldn't be understood.

But well... hail mediocrity

mgeek said...

:-) Well, it's subjective to label someone an idiot. But if it helps, why not.

soin said...

unless you are an idiot you wont know that the fellow you are arguing is an idiot without arguing..free

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Niti: Very true. Sometimes you just can't help the urge to bang your head against walls.

But that is where ridicule and sarcasm come in. Hail Chandler!

@mgeek: Yep. If being obscenely judgmental helps, why not? :)

@soin: Actually, there are many symptoms. I study humans in the manner Nat Geo studies wild animals in their natural habitat.

mentalie said...

as an appendix to your professor's favourite quote i'd like to add - why argue with an idiot when you can be one instead. so much more fun :)

Srishti said...

Oh, but haven't you heard?
Idiocy is now legitimate. And acceptable. ;) :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

@mentalie: Interesting suggestion indeed. But the fact that there will always be those who excel at it all around me, and I wouldn't ever come close to matching up, is rather daunting. :)

@Srishti: I blame it on the moon. Every time.