Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Idealist Grumbles...

Choose your personal favorite cup of poison.

Guess what free will is all about. 


~MINDfreak~ said...

I likey! :)

JD said...

Hear, hear.

Leonardo said...

A cynic's life is such a satisfying one. Everyone agrees with you :P

soin said...

yes and we sit and drink it

Anushka said...

Hehe. You grim, funny little genius. Anyway, I'd like it with an ice-cream smoothie.

Srivatsan said...

you're english thiruvalluvar! shrinking an essay into two lines! :)

Srishti said...

I didn't get it the first time I read it.
Is it like, saying that all the options you have, are in the end harmful for you but in a way, we ARE exercising 'free will' because we are choosing which poison?
As in, we're being made to have poison of our choice?

Srishti said...

Like the political parties!
All a cup of poison- but chosen by us.
I got it!


Kirra Serra said...

Ah, cynicism! It makes the world a happier place.
Also, have I ever mentioned how much I like your labels?

B said...

Love yit! :D

Arzaletta said...

Drink it till ur immune to all varieties of poison and then even poison will appear 'elixir'..

Sherry Wasandi said...

@MINDfreak: I knew you would. :)
Though I would like to clarify, I still believe that I do get to choose my poison, as opposed to having it shoved down my throat.

@JD: Sermons on blogosphere.

@Leonardo: Really? People disagree with me all the time! And I'm always up for a good debate.

A lot of people have the natural tendency to contradict, irrespective of their own stance. I was once one of them. I often have relapses.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@soin : Socialism? Not quite.

But then, it is a skewed concept.

@Anushka :Belgian Chocolate, perhaps?

Prozac pre-added. :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Srivatsan :Never did I imagine I would be compared to Thiruvalluvar.

Thank you! It's a MASSIVE compliment.

@Srishti : Right. :)

@Kirra Serra :Thank you. I like them too. :)

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ B: Thank you! Glad you dropped by.

@Arzaletta : I don't really favor selective delusion.