Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lets Talk About...


First, my exams clash with Journo Junction at Kamala Nehru College. Like it happens every year. Now, it's taken me an immense amount of time and effort to accept that fact, and gain some semblance of having moved on. But THIS, is just ridiculous! Just when I had Meet The Media at IP College for a much-deserved compensation, all hell breaks loose. The HOD slams a project presentation on my head. Which means I have a 120-page dissertation to write, edit, format , print and get spiral-bound, a presentation to prepare, and a viva to study for. All in 2 days flat. This, in addition to enough pending practical files and assignments to dive into and drown.

To set the record straight, KNC was my version of Narnia. I managed to grab a brief stint there in the Journalism department before fate socked me in the jaw. Pity, because now whenever I'm studying higher calculus and butting my head into a wall the night before an exams, I tend to fantasize about the "what-ifs", all winding down to the same choice I made. I still have a very prevalent soft-corner not just for KNC and journalism itself, but the acquaintances I have from that time as well. Though I spent very little time there, it's something I ruminate over enough for it to be a bit of a problem sometimes.

The choice I made was based on ground realities. They're not going to change. Logic rules the head. The heart, however, has an inclination towards reckless abandon. I don't regret anything I've done. But there are times when one knows that a time-machine would have been a convenient invention. Some amount of regression is to be expected.

My apologies to Anty and Just ME.
You have no idea how much I wanted this.

I could turn into Hulk right about now.


soin said...

and in all this u blog..

Sherry Wasandi said...

Because this was first drafted as a mail to be sent to one of the people mentioned above, to constitute the apology.

This works just as well.

Anonymous said...

Im sure it does.

P.S - "She-hulk?"

Srivatsan said...

I don't know why but girls are the best in finishing a work before deadline and making it hard for fellow guys !That's why companies need girls more than guys!Is laziness a sin? :-o

Anty said...

Oh Sherry, I completely understand your predicament. No need for the apology, I have been through this. I missed most of JJ because of MTM. :)

I shall, however make an attempt to videotape the more exciting parts for you and send them across.

If not, there is always our Film Festival in Feb.

Just Me :) said...

@ Anty: yes, you did. But it was still nice to spend the those couple of nano seconds with you. :-|
I missed MTM out of pure laziness and bad mood.

@ Sherry: "There are only two tragedies in life..." Need I say more?
KNC misses you just as much.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ Rebel Pandith : Ohh yeah. I shall soon proceed pick up and throw cars around.

@ Srivatsan : That would be an immensely fallacious generalization. Really.

And yes, laziness is a sin. It's a waste of oxygen and human space.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ Anty : You just made me very, very happy!

@ Just Me : Not getting what you want. Or, getting it. :) I see your point.

JD said...


There. Something you've obviously read, but it makes me laugh. Every single time I read it =D

By the way, do comments take a while to appear on your page? =/

JD said...

And, on a side-note: Awesome header-pic!

JD said...

*Sigh* How engineering NEVER ceases to gather the spite of it's every unfortunate rider, I will never stop finding funny :D

Anyway, side note - Awesome header-pic.

JD said...

Er, do pardon that little mess-up in order up there.
This one's the last one, I promise :|

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ JD : Wow. Let me try to get THIS sorted out in the correct order. :)

1. Yep, have read it before, but give me any excuse I could possibly use to read it again, and I'll thank you for it!
xkcd makes life a better place.

And as far as I know, they appear instantly. I don't moderate before the publish.Or even after. Freedom of expression, I always say. Though I haven't been insulted here ever either. Pity.

2. Thank you! Snitched it off a pre-designed template.

3. Guess who the joke is on?

4. You could have kept the siesta going!