Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Question of Belief.

And the one-point justification :

Having lost faith in people,
God doesn't even figure on the list.


the insider said...

God gave this...

"Having lost faith in God,
Lose the above too."

My Evil Self said...

Whoa..! What in the world happened to what we call "scientific temper"?

Breath : Physiological process of respiration. It's not really a miracle that organisms breathe.
Thoughts : Cerebral function. Nothing paranormal or ecclesiastical about it.
Feelings : Ordinary response to social interactions, as a result of the aforementioned cerebral function.
Speech : Modulation of air through vocal chords, manipulated through muscular movements controlled by the brain.
Conscience : Socially enforced norm for a majority, self-defined on moral grounds for a select minority.
Morality : Prescribed by religion, through untraceable means, for a lot of
theists. Defined on non-abstract, absolute judgment for a fair share of the atheists.

Respect, boss!
One man's meat is another man's poison.
Whatever works for them.
Will write an extensive post on the topic though, on a more fateful day. Cheerio!

Mer-curial-maiden said...

Oh how I love it when you go proving a point! :)

My Evil Self said...

Oh how I love to be challenged! ;)

Mer-curial-maiden said...