Saturday, May 2, 2009

More on Dehumanization..

...of a different sort.

Individualism, as imperative as it is, is gradually fading away. The worst part is, that this is not in the face of oppression. Society is inadvertently drawing itself to homogeneity. People have become less of individuals, and more of mass-produced tin-cans, with very little about themselves to call their own. It's not collectivism. It is the lack of a well defined sense of self. It is the refusal to acknowledge its importance. Popular media does little more than attempt to give the situation a rosy tint. At any rate, it's making things worse. Hollow stereotypes everywhere you look. With no solid ground to stand on.

I ask you, what makes a person? The clothes they wear, the way they look, how they live, the places they go to? Or, the way they think. Their sense of judgment, and the things it it based on. Their beliefs, moral premises, and the justification for their arguments. The school of thought they adhere to, their reasons for doing so. The rationality of all these reasons, arguments and justifications.

"Individual" is a beautiful word.
Be yourself. Not because your favorite brand or band tells you to.

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~MINDfreak~ said...

Yes, I completely agree with you. Let's be just as unique as everyone else is!