Monday, November 23, 2015

Listen Without Prejudice.

Given enough time, everything decays into rage. It courses through the veins, thicker than blood. It burns brighter than most fires you and I have known. It lives. 

Burning out is a gift, a blown fuse being the final line of defense before the carnage. The limit of human capacity for enduring pain protects not itself, but the source. 

But there are those who don't burn out. Those misguided into striving for invincibility, can only come burning and blazing, or not come at all. They forget how to half-live, they know not how to half-love. Run enough pain through them, and they become live wires; obliterating everything they touch, knowing neither peace nor loss. The current, it's possible, would never stop.


3 Day Miler said...

Wow, that is quite an observation. It's what the Sith rely on. I do think though that you don't need to burn out to come out at the other end, you might even come out in victory, though by then you will have destroyed plenty in your wake and might have started fearing peace.

Sherry Wasandi said...

If you keep at it long enough, the only victories that qualify are the Pyrrhic ones.

3 Day Miler said...

Now the moment you say victories as opposed to victory you are absolutely right. This can't be a way of life, but I think you need only that one big victory. I guess that is about being choosy in letting stuff get to you.

3 Day Miler said...

I do believe that there are some things on which a even a Pyrrhic victory beats defeat and burning out would be way too disorienting.

Fechangku Chen said...

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