Sunday, October 2, 2011


I feel like this cold has crawled into my head, buried a warm hole for itself, and decided to nest in there for the winters.

In other news: Blackberry, Apple and now... Mango?

And flipping the bird at subtlety: This is both amusing, and an inside joke that 66.666% of me hopes, isn't understood.

As an aside: I fear that this blog has started to make too much sense, of late. Here you go. Problem fixed.

If that wasn't enough: I'm starting to believe that this man understood "all things macabre" better than any person who's ever lived. 

But then: There was this.
Etchings by Goya
Instituto Cervantes. 
I shall not praise the exhibit. Instead, let me just say that what you would have read about, had you  read the piece to be found at the above link, I came unbearably close to experiencing.

Alas! 'tis true. I defiled it by clicking pictures with a cellphone camera. 

Strangely, I read that story after the exhibit, completely by accident. That very day. The Universe has been pulling an awful lot of tricks lately. Sometimes, I wonder. If a "god" did exist, he/she/it would probably be tinkering around with his/hers/its doll house (The Universe), playing out moments like these(and more elaborate ones) with his/hers/its little plastic dolls(us), just to get kicks out of the sheer mind****ing potential of it all. 

And if that still wasn't enough for you: Then you, my friend, are exactly the kind of reader this blogger is proud to have had (and hopefully, kept). Drop a hello, and feast your mind on this piece of work.

P.S. If you seek an explanation: I don't do cliffhangers. I lure with trails of candy and throw 'em right over. Trippy, yes. 


Tangled up in blue... said...

My God, I do so LOVE your blog! H.P. Lovecraft is rather addictive, isn't he? I am happy to let him get under my skin any night he chooses.

As for Watson, poor chap, the zombie-Watson is extremely adorable. He likes jam. Aww!

Where was the exhibit, btw? That sketch whets one's appetite for more.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Absolutely! I have only recently started reading him extensively, and often feel the urge to kick myself for waiting this long.

The exhibit was at the Spanish cultural centre(Instituto Cervantes)in Delhi. Aside from the brilliance of the artwork itself, the gallery was beautifully done for the occasion, and the lone picture does no justice to it at all.

You can check out the other works from the exhibit at the link I provided within the post itself.

Tangled up in blue... said...

I checked for the exhibit, it isn't coming to Bombay, sadly. Thanks for the link, I missed it in the post.