Sunday, August 7, 2011


We humans are quite capable of exhibiting behaviour guided by nothing in the vicinity of reason or rationale. For a person in possession of the faculty of logic, what is it that drives such an insatiable urge to go against all better knowledge? Impulse is the means, though often mistaken for the cause. So the real cause, being influential enough to supercede all logic, must be a greater force. If so, is it really wrong to succumb to the victor in the power play, as opposed to the defeated adversary. Can logic possibly be defeated? Or does defeat by an absence of things not count? 

What a mad world it is, when it goes against rationale to expect constancy out of anything. Even out of perfection. Does fleeting perfection, for it is all that anything can be, even qualify? Why do we choose to run around, setting ourselves up for failure? It's not perpetual equilibrium one desires, it's merely one stationary reference point to put the rest of the chaos and wild spinning world into perspective. Every attempt to do so seems to be an act of deluding oneself. If logic really bends in favour of chaos and whim, it really is a mad,crazy world indeed. 


mgeek said...

In love with the madness...

Sherry Wasandi said...

In love with contradicting concepts.
They keep destroying each other.