Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grey Noise.

As much as a double-edged sword aspiration may be, it works well to have a few of those painted on you in indelible ink. But as far as all wonderful things go, we will hit the plateau sooner or later. So what if the stakes are high, and you now have things to lose, and risks to take, and the world to conquer and turn into your own personal TV room. It works well to stand by and reaffirm a love placed only in unattainable things. For all the countless things that you stand to win over, it works well to make note of the ones you lose. The balance tips much too easily, you see. Our beginnings never really know our ends.


Mitostargazer said...

:) in the starting, only our rise is conspicuous and the heady rush of aspriring and achievement is too much to notice anything else. Things become clear later on........ but what the heck, it's definitely worth it, always :) that way at least u gotta know whether u deserved that height or not...


rd said...

i think we put effort for only those things which we cant attain, actually. we are definitely with lesser resources than others who finally win it.
for those things that we can get and have got already, we dont worry ourselves even while putting effort in it.
a bias in the effort putting phase, a confusion in the effort putting phase arises when our sixth sense senses that something has missed.. then perhaps we try to attach the good times of our past win to it, and after attaching the good times we tell ourselves that ya its on track.. then we say we are in love with it.
and then ya we lose it eventually..

Vikas Chandra said...

gud stuff. short and smart.
its about journey and lets forget the end.The balance tips much too easily, you see, but lets not worry about it tipping to the negative end.

Antara said...


JD said...

This was creepily in context.
Thank you.