Thursday, February 17, 2011


Having spent most days of the past raised to eternity fumbling around for probable cause, or hoping to accidentally chance upon sporadic reasons to justify that which is bound by four cycles of the clock, it feels like a brand new set of your senses have been awakened when dreams are separated by dreams alone, and reality isn't just a desperate attempt to imitate imagination. Reality, after all this time, is imagination. Not through the blurring of lines that separate the two, but as a consequence of absolute clarity. When you view the world through a microscope, everything begins to look like everything else. In the end, it is only when you look very closely that you start to lose your differences.


Priyanka Mehta said...

"Thoughts become things."

Alok said...


As you ponder upon this and realize its veracity, consider the nature of perception and the shackles of cognition.

You will eventually question time, and achieve propinquity to Einstein's ideas, thus being able to appreciate Relativity in its complete glory.

JD said...


Sherry Wasandi said...

@Priyanka: Trouble is, they are capable of becoming everything. And pretty soon, you're living in a paracosm.

@Alok: It surprises me that you continue to believe that I'm not some glorified version of a hack.

My problem, I believe, is quite the opposite. I question too much.

@JD: *bows*

Srivatsan said...

What is reality? The things that are a symbol of reality does not exist in real...They say truth exist and truth is real,but what is truth.. As of now ,what majority thinks as truth is truth... What is truth then? If truth has no definite meaning,then what about the term reality which is dependent on it?

Just compare ourselves to the universe and think twice. Do we REALLY have a purpose in this universe?? Whatever we do is not going to affect earth,not even 50 feet below us or above us? Why do all these galaxies and its child stars burn hydrogen and helium..just for providing navigation to us?
We think as though the universe is working from the big bang only to serve us humans.. *laughs at the foolishness of men*
And MY (only my view) answer is we don't have any purpose.. the universe does not have any purpose..