Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't Whiz on a 'Lectric Fence.

From the author of "When I am an Old Coot".

An anthology of such gems of wisdom as:


Indeed, inanity is BACK.


Antara said...

Where did you find this?

Alok said...

Raising rabbits isn't actually a bad idea. Besides meat, you can have a possible career in cryptography.

JD said...

How, how do you find these things? :D

Sherry Wasandi said...

@Antara: Shady little kiosk selling trashy books, next to the Wine and Beer store at TDI, Rajouri. I'm sure you know exactly which one I mean.

@Alok: OH. COME ON.

On a different note, you obviously have never raised rabbits. I have. You'll be surprised by the amount of excrement they produce on a daily basis. In addition to other things.

@JD: Oh well, I happened to be in the company of a person as batty as me. It was a chilly, dark night, and I had no will to go home. Then we found a pile of really trashy books and went crazy(er). Bought 4 including this one, and laughed our heads off for no valid discernible reason. Thus goes an ordinary day in the life of yours truly. :D

JD said...

Oh believe you me, that sounds way more familiar than you think it does :D
So these trashy-book-places DO possess gems amongst gems sometimes. It's not just urban legend!

soin said...

i want hindhi pulp fiction. get them if you come across