Thursday, September 23, 2010

There's a certain thing called being lovestruck, and then there's being run over by a bulldozer called love. Everywhere I look, I see far too little of the former and far too much of the latter.

Indeed, the plight of an age so grossly carnal in its pleasures and so grossly common in its aims.
Touché Wilde. You win.
Every bloody time.

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Priyanka Suresh Mehta said...

And this is one of the subjects I'd love to discuss with you (if and when we can make time to talk!)

But I'll go ahead here by asking a few things, that I'm looking answers for;
-Is it possible to be perpetually lovestruck? With the same person?
-Worth all the pain, that may or may not get inflicted upon? Or is it reasonable to prevent it and thus justify the carnal pleasures?
-And lastly, is it just all in the head? Is it that one can make believe oneself into anything?

Pardon me if I just went overboard :)
I loved the Wilde quote and like you say he does win every bloody time :)