Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flatliners and more.

Read Norwegian Wood, The Great Gatsby and The Book of Illusions. Read halfway through Don Quixote, Sophie's World and To The Lighthouse. Saw Before Sunrise, and hated it. Saw Salt and hated it more.

College is driving me crazy. I'm being bulldozed into the impending debacle of a job-hunt. Prematurely, at that. I'm pissed off because it's TOO DARN EARLY for this shit. I feel like digging my claws in the dirt, vehemently refusing to budge. That's one shining piece of wisdom I got from my dog. Aside from - "If you stare at someone long enough, eventually you'll get what you want." Salivating may, or may not help your case. Though, it does make you look creepy. 

When you're unsettled and disturbed, it often takes a sudden burst of chaos to knock you right in place. When you're stumbling along, often it's a violent spell of turbulence that makes you regain your footing. When you're looking for peace of mind, a menagerie might actually work better. Though often, family suffices.  

"When the hopelessness is hurting you, it's the fixtures and fittings that finish you off.", said the woman who, very strangely, I am awed by.


soin said...

its mad this year on the job front. already companies like mu sigma came to my college and clawed away eager kids. and i too saw that sunrise movie.. idea why its rated that high..stupid movie. just like 500 days of shit. and the last line strangely applies to the beloved arsenal. and am bored at home waiting for a job. blog more

Sherry Wasandi said...

Exactly. I'm not all that excited about campus placements. 4 majorly annoying years of college, only to land up with exactly the same lot? No way I'm signing up for that.

And I agree. The movie seemed to have this pseudo-intellectual jackshit going for it, I suppose. Bull.

You got it. 3 posts in 15 minutes.

soin said...

ah yes even i hate the bit about having to work with the same crowd of four years. chance of a fresh start is undervalued no? thankfully i get one with my new job. gurgaon it is.i shall trouble you for

Sherry Wasandi said...


Though I'm more of a Noida-person and Gurgaon isn't exactly my turf, I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

When do you join?

soin said...

couple of weeks. not yet sure. gurgaon seems a steel city.i am hoping to live some where near hauz khas. free

Sherry Wasandi said...

A concrete jungle, yes. But you'll find the best restaurants and pubs there. Not the quaint ones I prefer, but the chicest ones.

If you're in Hauz Khas though, you will have easy access to the culture hubs of the city. South-Delhi people might piss you off.

soin said...

exactly. i rather live in the "cultural" parts. people either way piss me off. so no point no? free

Alok said...

You can choose not to be bulldozed. It's easy if you cannot be influenced socially.

There are some people who are stimulated by external things; it causes a change in their internal world.

There are other people who are stimulated internally and it results in them changing something in the part of world they control.

Figuring out where you lie helps a lot.

reetam said...

did norwegian wood inspire you to read gatsby? for such a small book, gatsby sure took me ages to read. its brilliant, but rather painful at times.
norwegian wood was an absolute treat, though.