Thursday, October 22, 2009

There are times...

...when one feels competitive.

So one goes ahead and gets nominated for a rat-race. And despite not having much to gain out of it, one wants to win. Because no matter what the stakes, one is a sucker for victory.

Please note:

1. I am considering changing my name permanently to "one", to make the euphemisms and allusions more lucid. I might also insist on being referred to as "The One". Has this moronic sci-fi doomsday-prophecy ring to it. Thoroughly appropriate. I'll wear floor-length leather overcoats and dodge bullets even. I'm sure I can add a lightsaber in there somewhere too. (Darth Vader fascination.)

2. Aforesaid rat-race = Indiblogger of the month. Yep.

The point of this post being:

Like this blog? Show some love, and vote here.
Make use of Ctrl+F to find this blog in the painfully long list.

Thank you for your time.
Any inconvenience caused is thoroughly intended.


Death On Two Legs said...

You know, your subtle use of irony salvages everything =D

Sherry Wasandi said...

It's subtle?

Tergiversation is also a very pretty word.
Also, one that blogger and Firefox do not understand.

That made my day.

Srivatsan said...

What is blogging ,Neo? do you think it is what you read,laugh at or get bored at. If so,blogging is nothing but a mixture of english words used by literates!

so the blue pillow or red pillow??:P

Sherry Wasandi said...

Red pillow.

Darned reality makes me wake up in a cold sweat every time.

I think I like that. A little too much.

Srivatsan said...


madhur said...

you could have had misanthropy as a label of this post, i checked a few posts on that list, all seemed funky so your blog does not fit in that list or maybe that list does not fit in your blog, overriding! i wish to exercise my right to vote but i cant bring inn any immediate effects coz i had to sign up and i shall be entitled to make myself useful only after a verification process is conducted. its a rat race so i guess time is insignificant, right?

madhur said...

i liked one, poor choice of template though, the guy is on a novel writing spree and shall quit blogging in november, interesting. he has foiled up before the race got underway, there is little competition for you there, trust me.

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ Srivatsan: Yey! Next step: World Politics.

@ madhur: Ahh well, my blog likes being the curvy, voluptuous one that doesn't fit into things.

At any rate, I'm causing Indiblogger subscriptions to go up! They should give me credit on a brownie point basis! Especially, with a time limit of one week to go.

The rest inflates my ego like a bright yellow balloon. I'd have had a good chance had they designated moderators to pick winners. Public votes are more of a popularity contest.

Yet, "one" feels competitive. What a very nagging feeling.

Misanthropist said...

Sherry you are here!?
And i'm waitin for your reply on fb :P

Misanthropist said...

And btw yes, i too wanted to mention about the humour part.
I don't have he right words to describe it but i shall try ;)
it begins with absolute unsuspecting nature to it and then suddenly you know it has twist and should be taken with a pinch of salt and by the end of it you have already bitch slapped the target with your point replete with sarcasm or magnified straightforwardness!

soin said...

i am not voting for u since u dint promise me a cadbury or anything in that line..someone else promised it and i voted for them already.. are multiple votes allowed?? hey for all the complex english u seem to use ur poems are nice and simple..anyways the indi blogger wil be won by the person with most number of followers. no ones gona bludy read all those 180 persons x 5 tha bad at

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ Misanthropist: Heh. Bitch-slapped the target, replete with sarcasm or magnified straightforwardness. Wonderful!

Surreptitious maleficence?

@ soin: Lets just say, I refuse to offer bribes. Like I said before, my competitiveness is based in my work, not my popularity. Anything else wouldn't serve my purpose at all. The prizes on offer aren't things I could use at all.

By the way, a voter can vote for 5 blogs.

I've already stated the "most-number-of-followers" part a number of times already in the preceding comments.

The poems are simpler, as art is obscured by rhetoric. So to say, since they already deal with complex metaphors and analogies, I like them to be blunt. Bluntness can only be achieved effectively through lucid language.

Question: Why do you always end your comments with "free"?

Misanthropist said...

Could be ;)

Lemon Girl said...

Have voted, will definitely call you "the one" and look forward to all the bullet dodging fun!

Sherry Wasandi said...

Thank you.

I'd look forward to being called "The One".
Let's team up! How bout if I do the stopping-bullets-in-midair" and you do the "melt-and-fuse-them-to-make-cool-stuff"?

soin said...

bah girl i thought you would catch the blatant sarcasm i threw.. to be straight..ur an indian asking for votes.. am an indian voter..anyways five votes han..will vote coz i like blunt ones since am one too.. and you people can never refrain asking about free?? so officially ur 34565956960th person to ask read this..

Tangled up in blue... said...

voted :)