Friday, August 21, 2009

Them Transparent Dangling Carrots.

Good day to be listening to Alanis.

I honestly think this woman is something very significant to have happened to music. There's a certain raw, edgy quality to every single one of her works. Not something that hits you in the face and walks off. It's something that settles deep in and lingers. Disturbing, because it's so real that you know you've felt it.

She's known for working with strong themes and visuals. And often, the shock value of it. Case in point being the 2004 Juno awards gig, and the B.E.P parody. I still remember how she had made headlines worldwide, with the former.

Right from Jagged Little Pill to Flavors of Entanglement, she is to be appreciated first as a songwriter, and then for everything else. Which, in itself, is a lot.


Misanthropist said...

I am a major Alanis fan. More of her lyrics. Precious illusions and I'm a bitch.. happen to be my favs.

Sherry Wasandi said...

Yep. She's pretty darn awesome.

Very original. I somehow haven't come across anyone similar in the remotest of ways.
Not Sheryl Crowe, not KT Tunstall. Definitely not Imruglia. No one.

mgeek said...

"I'm a bitch, I'm a lover"
1. Masterpiece...
2. Last argument I face in every fight I have ( "...So take me as I am, this may mean you've to be a stronger man..." ) grrr...
3. Condescending but enlightening... :-) (Guys, just make sure to keep this away from ur gf... )

Sherry Wasandi said...

@ mgeek : The last argument is a very effective coup de grace aka deathblow to any argument!

Drives the nail in, so to speak.