Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Been A While.

And my sabbatical from Blogspot may be attributed to a few random occurrences. The little things that happen during the course of our existence, only to remind us that speedbreakers are a reality, and that traffic jams can be strangely illuminating, only if you take a peak out of your window and observe. So I did.

1. The college fest season dragged the hyperactive, overperforming and bossy me out of hibernation. The event was a tremendous success, and also a lot of fun. Anything involving an eclectic mix of people, junk, ideas and money is, by definition, fun.

2. It also brought out the brute in me. Which I demonstrated publicly by almost turning into Hulk, going green, and hurling stuff at someone. I do not care to offer an explanation, except that "someone" was a jackass.

3. I learnt that I can manage to write poetry that isn't as utterly atrocious as I believed. In fact, it is appreciated. But then, they let me pour out my morbidity in torrents and pools. It HAD to be good! XPRESSIONS '09 was a good thing to have happened to a wednesday.

4. Someone close to me decided to get married. And the wedding was decided upon, planned and executed in 48 hours flat! And here, I speak of The Big Fat "Punjabi" Indian Wedding. That alone, speaks plenty. Volumes of personal inferences would be followed up in carefully disguised abstractions.

Exam season begins again in 4 days. Hence, expect a torrential downpour of inanity. The aforementioned observations to be interspersed as well.

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